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Data Entry
Extended Maintenance and Support Program
Areas of Analysis


FPP contains several report formats to ensure that you can meet your client's informational needs.

Summary Report
This short report is a synopsis of the full analysis and includes graphs, findings, and recommendations.  The Summary report is perfect for those clients looking for the "bottom line".
Standard Report
The Standard Report is the most popular report format.  It is ideal for clients who want more detail in an easy-to-read format.

Comprehensive Report
This report combines predefined text with the actual forms and data that you see on-screen.  With over 100 sections from which to choose, this report can fulfill the needs of the most detail-oriented client.

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Data Entry
Most planners want a paraplanner or assistant to take care of the data entry process. FPP is optimally designed to support this. The on-screen data forms follow the Confidential Client Questionnaire page for page, enabling someone without detailed knowledge of the planning process to enter data without the responsibility of interpretation. Once the data is entered, the FPP software automatically distributes the data to all of the appropriate planning areas, minimizing the presence of errors from contradictory data input.

Itemizing Client Data
The built-in itemize function allows you to "drill down" and enter more that one value for a single field. Itemizing offers flexibility in data input, helps organize your client’s information, and provides that extra level of detail for those clients that demand it.

Expert Advice
The built-in Expert Advice function scans the entered data for omissions and anomalies, thereby minimizing mistakes.

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Extended Maintenance and Support Program
Our Extended Maintenance and Support Program (EMSP) program ensures that you will always have the most up-to-date version of FPP software and that you will have access to our experienced technical support representatives.

We continually incorporate changes in the laws affecting areas of analysis such as income tax, social security benefits, and defined benefit plans.  We value customer input and use your suggestions to provide you with a financial planning tool developed to meet your needs.  With EMSP, you automatically receive updates when they are released.

Technical Support
Technical support is available by email.  Assistance is provided to prospective clients evaluating demonstration materials and customers who have purchased FPP and are actively participating in the Extended Maintenance and Support Program (EMSP).

Call (408) 905-8134 for current pricing for FPP and EMSP.

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Areas of Analysis

Below is a list of the forms available in each planning area.


Investment Identifiers
Investment Portfolio
Analysis of Investments
Analysis of Retirement Plans
Asset Allocation
Realized Capital Gains and Losses
Capital Gains Analysis
Unrealized Capital Gains and Losses
Investment Notes


Net Worth

Net Worth
Consumer Credit Worksheet
Installment/Personal Loans Worksheet
Other Short-Term Loans Worksheet
Investment/Business Loans Worksheet
Mortgages Worksheet
Vehicle Loans Worksheet
Other Long-Term Loans Worksheet
Rental Property Worksheets


Business Valuation



Income and Expenses

Current Income
Current Expenses
Analysis of Income and Expenses
Projected Income and Expenses
Cash Flow, Funding, Capital, and Needs
Total Capital
Total Need
Cash Flow Analysis
Total Expenses
Total Income
Pension Income
Earnings and Other Income
Investment Income and Annuities
Expenses Worksheet
Funding Worksheet
Client/Spouse Total Income


Life Insurance
Life Insurance Policies
Life Insurance Coverage
Resources Required
Resources Available
Income Analysis - Set-up
Income Analysis - Client Dies
Income Analysis - Spouse Dies
Detailed Analysis
Life Insurance Requirements

Disability Insurance
Disability Insurance Coverage
Disability Insurance Analysis Client/Spouse
Income Analysis -  Client/Spouse
Expense Analysis -  Client/Spouse

Long-Term Care Insurance
LTC Insurance Coverage
LTC Summary
LTC Analysis

LTC Analysis Detail - Client/Spouse


Other Insurance
Other Insurance Coverage


Education and Other Goals
Education Financing
Education Funding Summary
Funding - First through Fifth Child
Other Goal Funding
Other Goal Funding Summary
Other Goal Funding Worksheet
Emergency Fund


Retirement Plans Client/Spouse
Retirement Planning Assumptions
Cash Flow Analysis
Savings for Retirement
IRA Income
Annuity Payout
IRA Worksheet Client/Spouse
Roth IRA Worksheet Client/Spouse
Defined Contribution Plans - Client/Spouse
Keogh Plans - Client/Spouse
Annuity Worksheets Client/Spouse
Retirement Planning Summary
Calculation of Benefit - Client/Spouse
Retirement Notes


Estate Tax
Property Ownership and Gross Estate
Federal Estate Tax Current Plans - Client/Spouse
Life Insurance
Federal Estate Tax Proposed Plans - Client/Spouse
Estate Distribution - Client/Spouse
Life Insurance Gifting Summary


Income Tax
Current Income Tax
Projected Income Taxes
Tax Tables
Gross Income
Taxable Income
Income Taxes
Taxable Investment Income
Tax Deductions
Itemized Deductions
Taxable Capital Gains
Taxable Passive Income
Taxable Rental Income Worksheet
Other Passive Taxable Income Worksheet

Needs, Funding, and Cash Flow
Financial Profile
Monte Carlo Analysis


Personal Information
Family Information
Supplementary Family Information
Financial Documents
Insurance Policies
Financial Advisors




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